5 Best Chest Exercises Using Nothing But Bodyweight | Men’s Health

When it comes to building a big chest, nothing beats the basics- but with the bench press out of bounds for many of us, we’re left looking for alternative ways to pump up our pecs.

Whether you’ve got access to gymnastic rings, parallettes or nothing but a six-foot square of carpet in your living room, there’s something here for you. With everything from advice on how to nail your first push-up, to how to kick it up a notch, these moves are all you need to unlock a treasure chest of gains, from home.

Men’s Health UK

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5 Most Effective Moves for BIGGER BICEPS | Men’s Health UK

There’s no shame in wanting bigger biceps – sometimes it’s ok to work out for aesthetics –and there’s no denying that a pumped-up pair of guns look great in a white t-shirt (and even better out of it).

So, here’s five moves – five truly effective exercises – that will recruit the most muscle fibres and help build bigger biceps in no time at all.

And with summer just around the corner, there really is no time to waste.

Men’s Health UK

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Letitia Wright On The Biggest Lessons Of 2020 And ‘Black Panther’ Rap Battles | ELLE UK

Letitia Wright is ELLE UK’s November 2020 cover star and we couldn’t resist playing a game of Ask Me Anything with her.

We chatted to the actor about all sorts. From what 2020 has taught her – one thing Letitia has learned is to make time for those you love and to appreciate the life we live – to what her favourite memories from working on Black Panther are. Spoiler alert, her favourite memory includes rap battles!

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Rose Byrne on women in politics: Full Disclosure | Bazaar UK

Rose Byrne has undergone a serious political education thanks to her past two jobs. She’s been interested in feminism since she was a teenager, but her roles in Jon Stewart’s latest film Irresistible and latterly the BBC’s Mrs America about the 70s feminist movement have given her a broader understanding into politics both past and present.

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