Whilst at Brave Bison, our team spent a lot of time producing original content Canvas Arts, and I came up with the idea of revisiting classic photos and their locations, challenging a modern photographer to give their take on the same photograph.

I love toying with the idea of using the camera as a tool to time travel and I think I pulled it off with this one. We had a lot of fun on the shoot, sneaking into buildings to get the shots we needed and transitioning from colour to black and white, great excuse to play with tones I don’t get to use a lot in film.

The aim of this was to drive a young audience to visit exhibitions and be challenged to visit locations that are featured in the art.

This was my second feature working with Tobi Shinobi, please do check out his on going incredible work here: http://www.tobishinobi.com/

Written, Directed & Edited by Oliver Greaves

For The Arts Council

With Brave Bison